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RT Free Video

RT Free Video is a web-based resource offering free broadcast-quality content to TV companies and other media professionals. With access to both Russian pool material and RT’s unique output, FreeVideo is a rich source of stories and stock video. Our videos cover a wide spectrum of interests, ranging from news and features from Russia and around the world to homegrown entertainment, sport and business. Fresh material and story updates are continuously uploaded from our headquarters in Moscow. Whether it’s RT or Russian Pool, we post the longest versions possible, giving you more pictures to edit with. All content, including videos from RT’s broadcasts in Arabic and Spanish, comes with an English script, written and edited by journalists in Moscow. All interviews and vox pops are in their original language, but a professional English translation is included with the script, allowing you to add a voiceover. The videos are usable on most digital platforms. Selected RT packages are offered in a ready-to-air format, with voiceovers and correspondent stand-ups included. Each video uploaded on includes an RT watermark in the top right corner, with the exception of Russian pool material, which is posted clean. Register at today and begin downloading broadcast-standard video, absolutely FREE.


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