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US wants ‘new versions’ of old Mideast regimes - journalist


British academic and author John Laughland says that although the US is voicing support for pro-democracy protests in the Arab world, its main aim is to continue the status quo.

Ex-ambassador to Libya Alexey Podtserob says access to information has played a major role in rousing the younger generation of Arabs.

John Laughland says the main goal of the US in the Middle East is to maintain control.

"The American double standards in the Middle East are so breathtaking that one doesn't really know what to say."

"In the case of Egypt and as in the case of other countries the interest of the US is to present the appearance of change, while maintaining political control, that is what Americans are about. Revolutions serve to legitimize the continuation of the status quo effectively… They are trying to legitimize new versions of the old regime."

Russia's former ambassador to Libya, Aleksey Podtserob, says the revolts in the Arab world are being driven by improved access to information.

"There's one common reason for such revolts across Arab world – it's the emergence of a new generation, who are better informed than the previous generation, who have been brought up by television and radio and to some extent the Internet, and who are ready to take responsibility for the country's fate, and is actually now trying to take this responsibility."


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