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Tokyo residents remain calm


[Q: What are officials saying about the rising levels of radiation in the capital?]

At this point the Japanese officials are trying to keep situation under wraps and keep the public calm. They are saying the radiation levels have been raised but not significantly and are not presenting any immediate danger to residents of the Japanese capital. Of course at the same time we have to remember that the level of radiation around the plant are such that thousands of people have already been evacuated and tens of thousands have been told to keep their doors and windows shut and not leave their homes. At some point there were reports that the radio activity levels just north of Tokyo have been about 33 times the norm. That is the situation we are looking at right now and of course the IAEA is also saying that radiation levels are going to rise in the nearest future as radiation reaches Tokyo so we are on keeping a close watch on whether or not we are going to have any further reaction from Japanese authorities once the radiation levels in the Japanese capital may actually rise as well. We also know that pills with iodine, more than two hundred thousands pills with iodine, have been realized bi IAEA and sent off to the areas affected the most. So that is the situation as far as the radiation concerned on the spot right now.

[Q: The country has been assessing the damage caused by the quake and tsunami. Do we know what's happening in terms of the rescue operation in the country?]

Well, we do know that of course. You have to remember that 2500 people have been confirmed dead, thousands are missing so the number is probably going to change in the next couple of days. At this point of course the main point is with the possible radioactive meltdown and that is what everybody is keeping a close eye on. But of course the rescue efforts still continue and of course various countries are helping Japan in that regard including Russia who sent the ministry emergency specialists and specialists from the Russian atomic energy agency who also working trying to help Japan to keep the possible nuclear disaster or the already happening nuclear disaster under wraps as much as possible. But of course the rescue operations are still under way.

[Q: What's the feeling among the people in Toyko right now- is there panic?]

There is no panic but there were some sings of discontent or disconcert rather of mall. There are not many people out of the streets, it’s very quiet. You would imagine Tokyo to be a city bursting with life and activity, there is hardly anybody out of the streets right now. People that are out, they all wearing facial masks and also shortages of some food have been reported, people are buying such things as water and fish products and some of the things have been disappearing from the shelves. But again they are doing it in a very orderly fashion and there is no panic, nobody is running around screaming if that’s all we are hoping to see. But still of course there is a very bizarre feeling I have to say. Obviously something is in the air so to speak and it’s not just radiation fear probably and apprehension, as people are still waiting for what’s going to happen next.


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