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Tennis star Dementieva introduces orphans to the game


Recently-retired two-time Grand Slam finalist and Olympic champion Elena Dementieva is picking up the racket again, but this time - for charity.

She joined other former pros in a match for children in need.

Elena Dementieva was joined at the charity game by her CSKA club mates Igor Kunitsyn, Andrei Olkhovsky and Elena Likhovseva.

The former stars paired up and were tied after two sets, before Dementieva and doubles specialist Olkhovsky managed to win the last set on a tie break.

Dementieva said she hopes some of the children watching the match will be able to pursue their own tennis careers.

“Today it was such a great experience - all those kids watching us so close, they had a chance to watch all the tennis Russian stars here in CSKA club, so it has been a great experience for us and for these kids. In the future they may come here and try to become professional tennis players. I hope so,” said Elena Dementieva after the match.


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