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Protesters in Benghazi want more support from allied powers


You can see that there is a lot of anger in the air here, it’s not only about Turkey, it's about NATO itself, since many locals think here that the alliance is not doing enough to help Libya, to stop this violence that is still going on. They are accusing the international community of not caring about what's happening in the country, especially in the towns of Brega or Ajdabia which are right near the front line.
They are saying that innocent people are continuing to die every day, and this protest rally itself started earlier on Tuesday, where people were firstly accusing Turkey of helping Gaddafi, since they spread among the crowd these posters with the list of the food supplies and equipment supplies that Gaddaf's troops got. And some of them are produced by Turkey, so they started by accusing Turkey of not getting involved and of helping them, and now they’ve just spread over to the whole NATO issue. So they are saying that the international community is not doing enough to help them, and they have failed to stand by their commitment to help protect ordinary people.


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