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Palestinian students design eye-controlled computer mouse


A group of researchers at the Polytechnic University of Hebron have designed a computer mouse that can be controlled by eye movements.

The mouse operates with sensors attached to the user’s face, which detect eye muscle movements to shift the cursor.

They hope the gadget will open up the internet to the physically impaired.

The innovation was created by three students at the Polytechnic University of Hebron.

"After picking up various information we managed to get signals from the eye muscles. And as you know, the eye moves by means of four main muscles, upper, lower, left and right, and these muscles are responsible for eye’s movement; we pick up the signal with these attached electrodes. When a muscle contracts, electrical potential is formed, which we amplify", says Rafat Al-juba, a member of the innovation team.

"We faced many problems. We had very little initial information, but persevered with project, and got results", says Munjed Abu Villat, another team member.

The "Eye Mouse" has been demonstrated to the public, and the team hope it will soon become accessible for those who need it.

Now the young innovators are working on other eye-controlled devices.

"We are working on a system that allows quadriplegics to control their beds with their eyes, and to control wheelchairs, especially in the Palestinian community."", says Mahmood Ar-rajabi, the third team member.

The team are now hoping to present their invention at regional and international exhibitions.

Professor Ramzi Al-qawasmi, project’s supervisor, says: "I’m very proud of my students, very proud of their persistence in coming up with such a product, to serve this group of invalids in the Palestinian society."


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