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Live music concerts at 30,000 feet

Budget air travel is not known for its frills, but some passengers on one Russian carrier are actually getting more than they pay for. They're being entertained by live music during their flight. Like many other airlines, Avia Nova provides in-flight entertainment – but with a difference. Although no meals are served and no movies are shown, passengers have the chance to enjoy a live concert at 30,000 feet. The budget airline is staging 20 performances this month, with free plane tickets for the one voted most popular. Some 250 bands applied for the gig last week alone, desperate to take to the airwaves. “I'm doing it because it's an adventure; I've never sung 10,000 meters above the Earth before,” Guru Groove singer Tanya Shamanina told RT. “It's very unusual and I’m really curious to see how it feels.” The passengers will not know about the concerts before getting onboard, so the bands are not guaranteed a warm welcome. Heavy metal and punk rock are deliberately not allowed for that reason. The stage was set after Avia Nova airlines removed seats to escape customs duties levied on aircraft with more than 170 seats. While it saves over a million dollars a month, it leaves a gap to be filled. “We've regarded this as an opportunity to bring the fun back into flying,” Andrew Pyne, CEO of Avia Nova, told RT. “We’re looking at clowns, we're looking at face-painting, we're looking at jugglers. As long as it’s safe, as long as it’s fun, as long as it fits our brand image, we're happy to promote this sort of entertainment.”


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