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Israel tightens security on Egyptian border as riots continue


Israel has tightened security on its southern border, amid mass instability in Egypt.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has voiced concern that peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan could be at risk if a new government comes to power in Cairo. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that the 1979 Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty could be under threat if President Hosni Mubarak is ousted from power.

After a meeting with top security officials, the premier issued a statement urging the international community to "demand that any Egyptian government preserve the peace accord with Israel."

Dr. Afu Agbaria of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality explains: “Israel is working hard to keep Hosni Mubarak’s regime in place – because they think that from a strategic point of view, any new democratic regime will work for the benefit of the Egyptian people, and not for Israel and the US.”

The sensitivity of the situation has held Israel back from making any statement that could harm the Egyptian regime.

“We will not interfere in the situation, but Egypt’s stability is of great concern to us, and to the stability of the region”, says Likud Party member Ayoob Kara.

Israeli analyst Ili Nissan believes the US has been too hasty in abandoning Mubarak, after decades of support.

“I think US made several mistakes especially under Obama’s leadership who dispensed with an ally of 30 years, Hosni Mubarak, and stabbed him in the back,” he says.

After the meeting with the Israeli premier, government members said the country will be prepared for any outcome.

“We are ready for any security circumstances that could occur,” said Ayoob Kara.

Ahmad Tibi, leader of the Arab Movement for Renewal, says Israeli intervention should be ruled out.

“Israel should not interfere in interior situations in Arabic states, because that is insolence.”

On the economic level, Israel is concerned about the future of current natural gas contracts. The Infrastructure Ministry says that supplies are continuing despite the unrest, but that said Israel is preparing for any disruptions.

“What happens in Egypt is of great concern and can impact us – could spread all over the region,” says an Israeli citizen.

With Mubarak’s likely exit, the dismissal of the government in Jordan, and street rioting in Tunisia, the political landscape of the Middle East looks set to alter dramatically. And whatever the outcome, Israel will have to be prepared.


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