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Expats join Valentine’s Day celebrations in Moscow


Staffers from Moscow’s foreign embassies have been holding a Valentine’s Day party to raise money for orphanages and nursing homes.

The Valentine’s Day party was organized by the Moscow’s International Ladies Club.

The club’s been running for over three decades, and now has over 1000 members.

Alla, an embassy worker, said: "This is very important because it is dedicated to charity work, raising a large sum of money to be spent on 15 charity projects that we’re organizing here in Moscow.”

The Colombian Embassy hosted the event, offering the best of their culture and cuisine.

"It's fantastic, we brought Colombia’s eternal spring to Moscow, to support the work of the ladies’ club, and these diplomats and foreign business people. We are very happy," says Tobon Echeverri, Colombian Ambassador to Russia.

The party then continued at a well-known hotel in Moscow.

“Seeing all the people involved, seeing the efforts of all the partners, and being in one of the Moscow’s fantastic places is great," says María Clara, one of the guests.

"All this is in aid of charity, and that’s good. But Saint Valentine had no idea it was going to be fun, things like this, and I'm doing this for my two daughters," says Sandra, another guest.


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