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Desert rally poses tough challenge for Russian drivers


This year's Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge has been a real endurance test for Russia's Kamaz truck team.

One of the drivers, Airat Mardeev, fell out of race due to serious engine failure on the very first day.

On the second day, Andrey Karginov finished in 21st place after losing 5.5 hours when his vehicle got stuck in the sand.

Andrey Karginov admits the second day of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge rally was not an easy one. His truck was stuck in the sand and had to wait for help from his Russian colleagues.

"We reached the finish line anyway. We just had some troubles, we didn’t manage to get out of sand-dune. Our second car helped us and we were able to reach the finish the rally on our own. The gear box has conked out," said Andrey Karginov.

"There are no easy rallies. Sand means difficulties."

Andrey Karginov lost 5.5 hours, including two hours of penalty time. On the same day, Kamaz driver Eduard Nikolaev managed to finish 15th.

Russian Leonid Novitsky, driving a BMW X3, is in second position in the car race.


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