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Could US government shut down if no deal reached on budget?


PTC: "There's been a lot of talk over the past couple of weeks about a looming government shutdown. If Congress can't agree on a budget, they'll simply stop operating. But are people on the street really worried about this? Let's find out."

SOUNDBITE Jerry Kopec, Michigan resident, speaking English: "You just wonder how the government will shut down and the rest of the country is going to run. - Does it worry you? - Yes it does, I mean what’s going to happen and who is going to run the country if that does happen?"

UPSOT, speaking English: "At the end of this week, if Democrats and Republicans can't agree on a budget then the government will be shut down. What does that mean to you? - Well for how long, that's the question? - Until they agree on a budget. - They're just going to take a vacation? That'd be nice!"

SOUNDBITE Steve Weissman, Washington DC resident, speaking English: "I think that it can and should be avoided. We got bigger problems that we ought to be focused on and we got to keep everyone employed and working. And we can't afford government to stop working even for a minute. - Do you think it will actually happen? - No."

SOUNDBITE Fabian Soria , Washington DC resident, speaking English: "As soon as you hear that they might stop the whole government just because both sides can't reach an agreement, of course it sort of worries you. - Does it anger you? - Not anger, but maybe just a bit amazed that in such a democratic country two sides can't find middle ground. I would say it’s not such a good example, especially if the country is fighting for democracy in other countries it doesn't set a good example for democracy I would say."

SOUNDBITE Danielle Molder, Washington DC resident, speaking English: "Everyone should be able to compromise. There's got to be a middle ground that would at least prevent the government from shutting down."

SOUNDBITE Andy Sharpels, UK resident, speaking English: "Here in the US in our Congress if the government can’t agree on a budget they’re going to shut down on Friday, what do you think about that? - In England we don’t do things that way they just stay open and argue until they come to a compromise, but no they won’t really shut down. - You don’t think they will? - I’ll bet you my bottom dollar to use an Americanism that they won’t. - So you think it’s just hype? - Yes, It's all just hot air."

SOUNDBITE Doug Markasey, New York resident, speaking English: “It’s killing me you know what I mean? Shutting down services, shutting down parks, and people don’t have work. To me- totally unacceptable. But these politicians, their lives don’t change. They still get benefits, they still get healthcare, they still get taken care of. It’s unacceptable that the federal government would even need to come to this. And put all these people out of work. They don’t really care. It’s about them.”


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